Few helpful facts about Iceland

When preparing a trip to Iceland, it can be helpful to browse through some useful information. If you have more questions, then please look at the our webpage "Frequently asked questions" for more information. For points of interest in Iceland please visit our day tour ideas.

Language: The local language is Icelandic, but most Icelanders are fluent in English as a second language.

Time Zone: Iceland is in the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) zone.

Safety: Iceland ranks as one of the safest countries in the world. However, be cautious when engaging
in travel and outdoor activities as weather can change swiftly, and follow safety guidelines for things
like hiking and glacier tours.

Emergency service: The emergency number in Iceland is 112 for all emergencies, including police, fire, and medical

Travel Insurance: While not mandatory when travelling in Iceland, we highly recommended having insurance during your journey for peace of mind.

Currency: The currency used in Iceland is the Icelandic Krona (ISK). Businesses widely accept credit and debit cards.
but it is a good idea to carry some cash for smaller purchases.

Tipping: Tipping is not a custom in Iceland, but sometimes highly appreciated. Bills always includes service charges.

Electricity: Iceland uses the Europlug Type C/F electrical outlets, so you may need an adapter if your devices
have different plugs.

Landing Keflavik International Airport: Keflavík is a small town 45 minutes drive from Reykjavík. When you arrive in Iceland, you will land at the Keflavík International Airport.

Bus service in Reykjavik: In the capital area there is bus system called Strætó. You can find your route and all the
information here. You will need to download the "KLAPP" app from the App Store or Google Play for
electronic payment. Bus drivers do not accept credit/debit card payments or cash.

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