Custom-Made Tours

Private Tours - Customized day tour packages

Put your next holiday in the hands of an local expert

Benefit from the knowledge of our local experts, and let them assist you to custom made your tour in Iceland. If our predefined private day tour packages do not fit your agenda, then do not hesitate to contact us and ask us to bespoke your travel plan in line with your preferences.  .

Before you leave your home for the Icelandic holiday, we will assist you with preparing your trip in Iceland as you feel suitable for you. We will send you a proposal for a fully prepared itinerary, but remember, you will always have the flexibility to change once you are in Iceland, based on your day-to-day experience.

The most simple way to prepare your day tour in Iceland is to choose any of the existing tours ideas we offer (click here to explore) and give it your personalized twist by adding special activity and inclusion to the itinerary.  You could also adjust the itinerary to fit a certain theme. (History, geothermal, famous film setting, caves etc)

If you prefer to design a brand-new itinerary to any destination in Iceland do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to assist you and send you a custom made tour itinerary you will like. Once you have sent us your initial information we will send you a quote. When accepted and confirmed by you, by paying 20% or min 250 USD, we will send you detailed program.

Please fill in the form or just contact us by email, and we will be happy to assist you and send our day tour suggestion from “Embracing Iceland Tours” based on your preference. Please note the more information you provide us, the better tailor made tour we can make.

Remember we are here to help you plan your perfect trip.

Contact us / Inquiries

Once your have submitted the form above, then we will send a tentative plan for a private tour, and once you are happy with the itinerary and all inclusions in the plan, we will send you a full detail trip notes with the daily itinerary, trip highlights, prices, inclusions and exclusions. We strive to make each member of the travelers happy and to have a clear idea of the adventure ahead in Iceland.

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