Half-day Tours

Reykjavik city tour 3-5 hours

A city tour in Reykjavik is worth considering whether you have limited time or not. The capital of Iceland has many attractions and certainly of interest to spend one day in Reykjavik before travelling to the countryside. Visit the famous church “Hallgrímskirkja” and other attractions such as the Pearl. If you are artist lover then we have some options to visit outdoor sculptures and indoor art collections. Learn about the history of the Viking settlement in Iceland, and the history of Reykjavik. (Read more)

Reykjanes peninsula tour 4-5 hours

Keflavik International airport is situated on Reykjanes peninsula. Still, most of visitors drive straight to the city without experiencing the beautiful magic scenery of the youngest part of Iceland. There is a unique opportunity to see where the Atlantic Ridge rises above sea level displaying various forms of volcanic activity which has shaped this peninsula. You may literally walk over a symbolic bridge, between the tectonic plates dividing Europe from North America. In some areas on the peninsula you may see “High temperature” Geothermal areas, such as the famous hot spring “Gunnuhver”, Lighthouse. Natural wonder of the coastline cliffs and bird watching. (Click here to read more about Geothermal)

Inspired by Iceland
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