About Us

We are a small company which specialize in private day tours. Our tour operation is authorized by the Iceland Travel Board, and our staff are Certified Tourist Guides who will escort you to the wonders of Icelandic nature. We invite you on a private VIP experience that are only available to you as our guest. Our aim is to bring joy, laughter, and happiness to our clients.

We strive to do our utmost to make our guests happy when we service them.  Our local drivers and guides have Icelandic Advanced Driving License and are Certified Tourist Guides.

In some of our trips we offer third party service, for example horseback riding, access to swimming pools. In those cases, we work exclusively with companies which we are familiar with and trust.

The focus on small groups gives us the opportunity to offer more personal service. Instead of routine bus guidance, we are able to offer direct conversations where all questions are welcomed.

Our guides are highly motivated and passionate who love and cherish Icelandic Nature. More about, why travel with us.

Your transport:

To make your travel as comfortable as possible we only use SUV such as Toyota Landcruiser 150 jeep, 4x4 drive which enable us to travel to the highlands during summer time without any problems.

Inspired by Iceland
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