Borgarnes Viking settlement and geothermal in Borgarfjordur

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This tour can be organized in various ways all depending on your preferences.

Borgarnes - Town Exploration

Borgarnes the small town is worth visiting, especially if you are interested in the stories of the Vikings. The town house a very interesting museum named the Viking Settlement Center which provides insight into the Viking saga 1100 years ago.  

Geothermal Wonders in Upper Borgarfjordur

We may visit the geothermal area in the upper Borgarfjordur area, home to Europe's most powerful hot springs.  This region boasts the largest low-temperature area in Iceland. It has five major low-temperature geothermal systems and a total natural discharge of about 450 l/s of boiling water.  

The first area of interest is Varmaland/Laugaland, showcasing a small village that was developed around a geothermal site.  In 1942 the residents constructed a swimming pool, simultaneously establishing a greenhouse farm utilizing the hot springs for heating. Over time they developed a small village called Varmaland, a story which is interesting to learn about.  One may say that Varmaland is a good example for geothermal development in rural areas.

Deildartunga - Europe's Largest Hot Spring

We witness the largest hot spring in Europe at another geothermal site called Deildartunga. At the core of this hot spring, we can choose to experience and relax at the Krauma SPA baths. An option for lunch break is available, allowing us to enjoy the cusine offered at the restaurant while takein in the spectacular view of the powerful hot spring. The geothermal pipeline from Deildartunga to Akranes in use since 1980-1981 hold the record as the world's longes at 64 km.

Reykholt - Historic Site

From there we will continue to Iceland's main historic site, the cultural center of Reykholt (4). This was the home of the famous Snorri Sturluson, (1206 to 1241) who was a politician and historian. There we can see the oldest geothermal pool which dates back to the 10th century. From Reykholt we will drive to the beautiful Hraunfossar (5) which is a series of waterfalls. The name basically means Lava Waterfalls.  The scenery is spectacular and beautiful where you will see how the water pours out of “Hallmundarhraun” lava wall and cascades down to the river appearing in an enormous length of 900 meters.

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