Glacier Lagoon

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08:00 am at your hotel
12-14 hours
Long drive
Flexible cancellation

The glacier lagoon is one of the most popular tourist destinations, and no wonder. The glacier and its surrounding are a spectacular scenery which is always changing due to huge Icebergs broken off the outlet glacier which gradually moves around inside the lagoon on its way to the ocean.  Part of the scenery is the black beach with its melting icebergs all over which has been given the name “diamond beach” due to its icebergs which have been broken down into smaller pieces.

The lagoon flows through a short waterway into the Atlantic Ocean, leaving chunks of ice on the back beach.  Huge blocks of icebergs float around in the lagoon. Ice chunks on the black beach look like diamonds, which give the beach its name, so take a walk on the diamond beach along the Glacier Lagoon.  

Very often the lagoon host hundreds of seals.  Exciting boat or Zodiac trips can be offered if requested.

The lagoon is also famous for its settings in two James Bond films, one being "A View to Kill" (1984) and “Die Another Day” (2002), was the other. The location has also been used in other films such as Tomb Raider and Beowulf.

During the long drive on the southern coast of Iceland towards the Glacier lagoon and Diamond beach, we will only make one other stop at your choice. It can be fore example Skógafoss or Seljalandsfoss waterfalls or at the black sand beach (Reynisdrangar), close to Vik í Mýrdal.

Due to the 380 km drive from Reykjavik Capital, then this trip is our longest day tour (13 to 14 hours), but it certainly is worth the drive.

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