Kerlingafjöll and Hveravellir highlands

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08:30 am
9 + hours
Flexible cancellation

This tour is only possible during summer time.

Kerlingafjöll is a famous geothermal site in the center of the Icelandic highlands.  It used to be a popular skiing resort during summertime, but due to rising temperature and the retreat of the glaciers that is hardly possible today.  But if you are interested in geology and especially geothermal surface manifestations with lot of boiling hot springs and colorful rhyolite mountains you will certainly experience that up close and witness the stunning beauty of this place. The place is also characterized by lot of steam coming up from the hot fumaroles.  The mountains around still have glaciers on their top and together with colorful rhyolite, dark and bright tuff stones make this place unique and very photogenic. This is a very popular tourist destination, but it is not easy to drive the gravel roads in the highlands (called Kjalvegur) and up to the mountains unless the driver has experience and a 4X4 jeep, but that is exactly what we are offering our guests.

When we are 700 meters above sea level, we may expect all kind of weather, so be well prepared.

A drive to Hveravellir which is an hour and a half drive from Kerlingafjöll is also a geothermal hot spot, but it is totally different experience.  It is a popular oasis in the highlands where you can take a bath in a natural hot spring pool followed by a cup of hot chocolate and slice of a cake. Please be aware that in the nature there is no facility to change cloths.  What makes this hot spring so special?  Many say its beautiful surroundings being placed in the middle of the highlands in between two of the biggest glaciers in Iceland, Hofsjökull and Langjökull.  The place has interesting history which you will learn about during the tour.

We will pass both Gullfoss and Geysir the famous golden circle attractions on the way to Kerlingafjöll.  Therefore it is ideal if requested to make a short photo stop on the way to the highlands.

Please note that roads in the highlands are only accessible during summertime from July until early September

Here you can see the tour location on a map

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