Landmannalaugar (highland)

Pick up time: 
08:00 am at your hotel
11 to 14 hours
Easy to moderate (long trip). Easy to moderate hiking
Flexible cancellation

Please note that this tour is only possible during summer time.

The highlands of Iceland are unique area which you should not miss when visiting Iceland.  Landmannalaugar is one of the most popular places to visit in Iceland.  You will see beautiful lava areas covered with moss, colorful mountains and geothermal areas allowing you to bath in the natural pool. Short hiking tours (1-2 hours) an option or a visit to a former volcanic craters. On the way back you have the option to visit the waterfall Haifoss and an old Viking cottage.

The name Landmannalaugar translated directly to English means “Peoples pool”.  The areas with its colorful mountains and lava fields are extremely beautiful and unique.  It is very popular hiking areas.  We will take an easy hiking circle around the area, or walk up a mountain, whichever you prefer. Geologically this area is interesting and rare mostly formed in an eruption in 1477.  You will see rhyolite mountains, and other type of stones. Shades like red, pink, green, blue and golden yellow makes this place ethereal beautiful.

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