Private Airport transfer to Reykjavik and the Blue Lagoon

Pick up time: 
At your arrival time in Keflavik airport
4-5 hours
Flexible cancellation

Keflavik International airport is situated on the southwest part of the Reykjanes peninsula. Still, most of visitors drive straight to the city without experiencing the beautiful magic scenery of the youngest part of Iceland.

The most famous attraction on the peninsula not far away from the international airport is the Blue Lagoon. Use the opportunity to visit the famous Blue Lagoon the geothermal pool, where you can relax and enrich your skin before checking in at your hotel.

  • It is ranked as one of 12 best hot springs in the world according to Travel+Leisure

If you want to learn more about the Blue Lagoon then click HERE

If you have extra time, then we have several options to visit other location at the Reykjanes peninsula, such as the geothermal site at Seltún. There you will see the colored soil which is bright yellow, red, and green caused by iron oxidation, Sulphur and calcite precipitation. In the 18th century the Sulphur deposits were mined in this location and exported as a valuable commodity, which was mainly used for gun powder.

Other interesting sites are the geothermal site in Reykjanes, where you find the famous Gunnuhver, and beautiful lighthouse located at the coast with interesting bird watching at the same time.

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