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Volcanic and Seismic activity on the peninsula;

We regret to inform you that due to Volcanic eruption on the Reykjanes Peninsula, we are unable to guarantee day tours exactly as described here. (updated 17th of March 2024)

A tour from Reykjavik to Reykjanes peninsula can be organized, depending on your available time, and preferences. This private half day tour may take from 4-5 hours. If you prefer a full day tour with an option to include and experience the Blue lagoon in the agenda, then click here. If you only prefer to include the Blue Lagoon then please see other options and click here

The Peninsula is perhaps one of the most underrated places in Iceland.  Recognized as UNESCO Global Geopark since 2015, this 829 km2 area is a testament to the earth's raw power.

When choosing Reykjanes peninsula tour, then you experience the beautiful magic scenery of the youngest part of Iceland. An interesting area seen from a geological point.  The landscape is rough and a bit alien looking.  Not much grass, but mostly lava field covered with moss.  In fact, everywhere you look, no matter in what direction, lava fields stretch to the horizon.  Reykjanes showcases high-temperature wonders like fissures, lava cracks, tectonic faults, volcanic craters, bubbling geysers, mud pools, lava fields and caves.

The peninsula provides a unique opportunity to see the Atlantic Ridge rising above sea level, showcasing various volcanic activity that have shaped the region.  Visitors can observe the boundaries between Europe and America, where the ocean plates drift apart. You literally can walk over a bridge, between the tectonic plates dividing Europe from North America. 

By the sea, there are many places with amazing rock formation astonishing cliffs, most of them dark grey. Additionally, you may see some colonies of sea birds, black sand, and beaches.

A visit to the “High temperature” Geothermal areas, the famous hot spring “Gunnuhver”, Lighthouse if very popular. High geothermal areas have several characters.  The main features are diversity on colors. The clay gives a brown and white color, the fool’s gold seems dark grey, the Sulphur has a beautiful yellow texture, and the copper amalgamation are blue green. Fumaroles are common on the peninsula, and they sometimes erupt with blue grey clay splatters.

In this area, we harness the high-temperature geothermal resources for electricity production (around 184 MW) and district heating for all the houses on the Reykjanes Peninsula.  Interesting development which started in the eighties utilizing the renewable and environment friendly energy.

Volcanic eruption in Fagradalsfjall began on 19th of March 2021, following frequent earthquakes, lasting until late September of the same year. Another eruption occurred on August 3 2022 just a few hundred meters away in a area called Meradalir, lasting only few weeks. In July 2023, a third eruption began not far away from the previous two, lasting few weeks as well. These eruptions, popular among tourists when active, still attract visitors for short hiking tour to witness the new lava. In December 2023 the fourth eruption occurred lasting only few days, followed by fifth eruption in January 2024 near the village of Grindavik. Road closure due to the last two events makes it impossible to offer the full Reykjanes tour. However, we may be able to arrange a hiking tour for you to experience the new lava Click here.

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