Westman Islands and Seljalandsfoss

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This is an adventure tour which involves a ferry trip and combines history, sightseeing and puffin watching. On the way back to the mainland, a visit to famous Seljalandsfoss waterfall is a must. The islands are considered to be the largest Atlantic Puffin colony in the world. A volcanic eruption began without warning on the edge of the village on the main island in January 1973. We have an option to hike up to the new crater. Another eruption occurred 10 years earlier in 1963 in the ocean which created a new island, Surtsey.

The Westman Islands (Vestmannaeyjar) are in the south coast of Iceland and consists of around 16 islands. Only one of them called Heimaey is inhabited and has a population of around 4300 people. Around those islands there are a number of rocks and skerries making the seabird life very rich and bountiful. .

About the tour:

The trip with the ferry from the south coast to the islands, takes only 35 minutes. If we are lucky, we may see whales and seals on the way. We will either drive into the crater or hike up to the mountain and enjoy the view of the crater and the village. Our guide will tell you his personal experience of being on the island during the clean-up, the year after the eruption in (1974). We will explore and drive around the whole island and visit other interesting sightseeing spots while reviewing the history of the island. One option is a visit to Belgua Whales & Puffin Sanctuary. Other interesting spots are Stórhöfði to see the puffins up close, Herjólfsdalur farmhouse ruins, the elephant rock etc.

Lunch break

In this fishery village we recommend spending some time at a seafood restaurant to taste fresh seafood before leaving the island to the mainland.

Additional information

You can read more about the Eldfell 1973 eruption here

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