Why book tour in Iceland with us?

Book directly with us and get the best price guarantee

  1. We are a small family-owned operated business with a great service level
  2. We are Local Icelanders that all share a passion to give you a better and more quality service.
  3. We serve only small private groups, which means bigger experience.
  4. We will provide you with well-organized tour plan.
  5. You will always get the best rate guarantee on our website
  6. No commission, No "middleman" fee or hidden cost
  7. You will have a direct phone number that you can call if you have any doubts.
  8. You will have your private vehicle and exclusive certified tour guide
  9. We are licensed and Certified Tourist Guides
  10. Flexibility and reliability
  11. Being flexible means you have the freedom to change your program within the day tour
  12. Adventure without stress and unforgettable experience
  13. Comfortable, new Landcruiser Jeep (Prado) for smaller groups up to 4 pax
  14. ....or Mercedes Sprinter or equivalent for groups 5 to 16 pax

When you book directly on our website we save large amount of commission

Inspired by Iceland
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