Private Airport transfer to Reykjavik - and Reykjanes

Pick up time: 
At your arrival in Keflavik airport
3-6 hours
Flexible cancellation

Keflavik International airport is situated on the southwest part of the Reykjanes peninsula. Still, most of visitors drive straight to Reykjavik city without experiencing the beautiful magic scenery of the youngest part of Iceland. It you arrive early at the airport, then it is a great idea to have airport transfer to your hotel in Reykjavik and at the same time experience the wonders of high temperature area on Reykjanes peninsula.

Reykjanes is very interesting area seen from a geological point. The landscape is rough and a bit alien looking. Not much grass, but mostly lava field covered with moss.  In fact, everywhere you look, no matter in what direction, lava fields stretch to the horizon. On the peninsula you will find lot of high temperature geothermal activity, fissures, lava cracks, tectonic faults, volcanic craters, bubbling geysers, geothermal mud pools, lava fields, caves, etc.

Two recent volcanic eruptions started in the peninsula. One eruption started on the 19th of March 2021 only about 30 min drive from the international airport. It was very soon a very popular destination for both Icelanders and tourist visiting Iceland. This eruption lasted until late September 2021. Then on the 3rd of August 2022 another eruption started in Meradalir only few hundred meters away from the first one. It only lasted for few weeks. But in spite of that, it is still a popular destination to visit, mainly to see the new lava and the new crater.  The last eruptions took place in the peninsula some 800 years ago. 

If you prefer then we will take you on a hiking tour to the hot lava with a view over the new crater. The hiking tour can be organized from an easy 1 hour hike up to more difficult 3 hours hiking tour, depending on your available time, ability and willingness to walk up mountains.  It takes only half an hour drive from the airport to the starting point of the hiking tour.  This is definitely once in a lifetime experience, which you will never forget.

If you like to learn more about volcanic eruptions in Iceland then CLICK HERE

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