Private Airport transfer to Reykjavik with stopover in Reykjanes

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At your arrival time in Keflavik
Depending on your preferences 6-7 hours
Flexible cancellation

Due to volcanic eruptions and seismic activity at Reykjanes peninsula we currently have road closure, which limit certain attractions (Click here for more information)

Use our private airport transfer to Reykjavik to explore Reykjanes peninsula at the same time. A region of extraordinary geothermal wonders, including fissures, lava cracks, tectonic faults, volcanic craters, mud pools, and caves.

Attractions at Reykjanes peninsula

Reykjanes peninsula is perhaps one of the most underrated places in Iceland.  Recognized as UNESCO Global Geopark since 2015, this 829 km2 area is a testament to the earth's raw power. The landscape is rough and a bit alien looking. Not much grass, but mostly lava field covered with moss.

Here you can witness the Atlantic Ridge emerging from the sea, showcasing diverse volcanic activities that have shaped the peninsula. Walk across the bridge between the drifting tectonic plates of Europe and North America, marveling at the geological wonders beneath your feet. 

Along the coastline, stunning rock formations and dramatic cliffs. Keep an eye of the seabirds, enhancing the natural beauty of the unique region.

High temperature Geothermal areas

The Reykjanes Peninsula boasts high-temperature areas like the must-visit hot spring attraction named "Gunnuhver". These regions showcase vibrant colors with clay formations displaying grey and white color, the Sulphur with beautiful yellow texture, and the copper amalgamation taking on mesmerizing blue-green tones. Fumaroles, common in this area, erupting and splatter the surroundings with blue-grey clay.

What makes this area truly remarkable is the utilization of the high-temperature geothermal energy. Since the 1980s' the region has harnessed renewable and eco-friendly energy sources producing 175 MW of electricity and providing district heating for all the houses in the region. Read more about geothermal energy HERE

Recent volcanic eruptions

Seven volcanic eruptions have taken place at the Reykjanes peninsula in the last 3-4 years. If you like to learn more about the eruptions in Iceland then CLICK HERE

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