Airport Transfer

Choose a certified local guide to transfer you from the airport and at the same time explore some of the wonders of Iceland. If you have an early arrival at the airport, then it is a excellent idea to combine the airport transfer and a guided tour before check in at your hotel. We will assist you to organize the transfer by choosing from the many interesting options you have. In other words, use the time to create spectacular moments on your day of arrival.

Keflavik International airport is situated on the Reykjanes peninsula. Still, most visitors drive straight to the city without experiencing the beautiful magic scenery of the youngest part of Iceland. The landscape is rough and a bit alien looking. Not much grass, but mostly lava field covered with moss. This is very interesting place seen from a geological point.  Besides, a volcanic eruption which took place in 2021, only 40 min drive from the airport. .  In fact, everywhere you look, no matter in what direction, lava fields stretch to the horizon. 

You have many options on how to plan your airport transfer. Visit the famous Blue Lagoon, take a short hiking trip to see the new and still warm lava field, or simply drive around Reykjavik and see the most interesting locations. You may literally walk over a bridge between the tectonic plates dividing Europe from North America.  We may choose to visit the “High temperature” Geothermal areas, the famous hot spring “Gunnuhver”, Lighthouse.  Natural wonder of the coastline cliffs and bird watching.

These trips can take from 3 hours and up to 6 hours based on your available time, and preferences.

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Inspired by Iceland
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