Reykjanes peninsula, geothermal excursion

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From 8 to 9 hours
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Volcanic and Seismic activity on the peninsula;

We regret to inform you that due to Volcanic eruption on the Reykjanes Peninsula, we are unable to guarantee day tours exactly as described here. (updated 17th of March 2024)

This full day private tour to Reykjanes peninsula offers an experience lasting 8-9 hours, visiting various attractions on this underrated area in Iceland. You have the flexibility to tailor the experience to your available time, ranging from minimum 4-5 hours tour to a full day of 8-9 hours. Please choose your preferred option from the various selections below.

Geological Marvels of Reykjanes:

Reykjanes is a fascinating area with a rugged and otherworldly landscape.  It is dominated by lava field covered with moss.  Everywhere you look, no matter in what direction, lava fields stretch to the horizon.  Reykjanes features high temperature geothermal activity, including fissures, lava cracks, tectonic faults, volcanic craters, geysers, mud pools, lava fields, caves, and more.

UNESCO Global Geopark Designation:

Since November 2015, the Peninsula was recognized as a UNESCO Global Geopark covering an area of 320 mi2 (829 km2). Explore the underrated beauty of the peninsula. Standout attractions like the Blue Lagoon, and the six recent eruptions since 2021, featuring the new lava formation.

Private tour guide, and geothermal expertise:

Embark on a guided tour with our certified guide who have over 15 year experience working in the geothermal sector. Learn about Icelander's use of geothermal energy, which is an environment friendly and renewable energy source. Visit three high-temperature geothermal areas, including the famous hot spring “Gunnuhver”, and old lighthouse built 1907. On the coast we have Valahnúkur mountain with its unique geological formation.

Diversity of Geothermal Features:

Explore the distinctive characteristics of geothermal areas on the peninsula. Attractions such as hot springs and mud pools are common, erupting with blue grey clay splatters. Diversity of colors characterize geothermal areas. We will see brown and white hues from clay, beautiful yellow textures from Sulphur, and blue-green shades from copper amalgamation. Read more about Geothermal HERE

Abundance of high-temperature geothermal energy resources generate 184 MW of electricity. As a byproduct, the power plant supplies hot water to the district heating network into all houses at Reykjanes (about 190MW thermal).  Interesting development which started in the eighties utilizing the renewable and environment friendly energy. The deepest geothermal "well" in Iceland is there, reaching almost 5000 meters in depth.

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